Game Foundry: Tabletop Testing Night

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Are you a game-maker with a tabletop title you would like to test? Or are you a player of games interested in trying out intriguing works-in-progress and getting a look behind the scenes of game development? well you’re in luck because the next playtest night for Game Foundry, a tabletop-focussed testing event, is coming up.

What: Game Foundry Tabletop Testing Night XXV
When: 7pm – 10pm, Thursday February 11, 2016
Where: Good Games Cannington, 21 Liege St, Cannington
Tickets: Free!

So if you want your game on the list, or you’re ready to try your skills at yet-to-be-released tabletop titles, head on over to the Testing Night XXV event page. You can also check out the Game Foundry Facebook group, to get regular invites to the play test events.

Super Salmon Migration Demo Dives onto Android

Super Salmon Migration - Bear Tooth Studios

Jumping into 2016, Bear-Tooth Studios have released the demo of their latest game Super Salmon Migration into the wild. This migratory mobile game was first shown at the Perth Games Festival alongside Arbalest 3035, but now you have the chance to take it home and test your survival skills. Not only do you get to play the game early, you’ll be helping the developer tackle any issues, and fine-tuna the game.

Welcome to the Super Salmon Migration Demo! You play as a fish and must brave the treacherous waters whilst dodging various obstacles. Aquire collectables and trade them in for sweet Fi$h Bucks and buy some costumes.

You can grab the demo right now via Google Play, and get leap right into the action.


Laserbreak 2 beams onto Android for Free

Laserbreak 2 - Puzzle game by Apex Creative

Lasers – the mainstay tool for defense and offense that no evil genius can live without. If there’s anything that spy shows have taught us, it’s that you need to know your way around a laser beam in order to foil the plots of nefarious villains*. Thankfully LaserBreak 2, the latest game by Apex Creative, is here to ensure your brain is ready for any and every type of laser-centric puzzle you may come across in the world.

The much anticipated sequel to the very popular Laserbreak – the highly addictive and original puzzler that has hooked millions of players worldwide.

Control your laser and use various physics objects to collect the coins and destroy the targets. You’ll have to use your brain power, forward thinking and creativity to solve the challenging, action packed puzzles.

So if you’re ready to up laser-evading skills, you can grab Laserbreak 2 now for free on Android (and coming soon to iOS)!

*Note: Alternatively, if you are a nefarious villain this game may in fact provide you with ideas on how to defeat your arch nemesis by means of lasers. Just make sure those do-gooders don’t play it first!

Mr Nibbles Forever sets sights on Steam

Mr Nibbles Forever Banner

Mr Nibbles, that little hamster with big dreams of space exploration, is back again and this time he needs your help to take his game to the next level. Developed by Epic Shrimp, Mr Nibbles Forever is currently available on iOS and Android, but this rebellious rodent is looking to go one better and jet off to PC with Steam Greenlight.

Mr Nibbles Forever dreams of becoming the first Hamster in space…

Upon release, expect the game to be expanded to include new outfits with new exciting effects and sounds. More cute humor and more varied levels elements and challenging features. New challenge types and ways to challenge your friends. More and varied powerup types to win on the wheel.

To assist this astronaut in his adventure, give him the thumbs up for launch over on the Steam Greenlight page.

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Beta Testers wanted for Roid Rage on iPad

Roid Rage: Now Beta-Testing (iPad)

Kalgoorlie-based studio Outback Pixels are currently seeking space explorers willing to take on a mission to test the limits of their upcoming iPad game Roid Rage.

ROID RAGE is a finger-breaking, asteroid destroying, clicker that allows you to buy and upgrade your skills, boosts and space crafts.

Tap to destroy ROIDS and collect High-Grade and Low-Grade Resources in a dynamic low-poly galaxy. Keep an eye on your cargo and jettison Low-Grade resources to make space for more. Collect resources for CREDS and unlock and upgrade skills and bigger and better space craft.

If you’re ready to tap into your inner beta tester, head on over to Roid Rage signup page now, and you’ll be smashing your way through asteroids within 24 hours!

Level One Free Coworking Space: February Dates

Level One Co-working Space Logo

Each week FTI run a free co-working day just for game developers known as Level One. Grab your laptop and head down to SK Games for some free Wifi, table space and excellent company. You can book for the whole day or just half, but either way it is a great opportunity to catch up with fellow developers and get in the game-making mindset.

Time: 9.30am-5.00pm
Where: SK Games, 167 Fitzgerald Street, Northbridge WA
Cost: Free, but an RSVP is required!
Tickets: via Eventbrite

Co-working Dates for February, 2016

[Full list for the year available here]

  • Thursday, 4 February 2016
  • Thursday, 11 February 2016
  • Thursday, 18 February 2016
  • Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lumber Larry leaps onto iOS for Free

Larry running through snow. Text: Lumber Larry Out Now! Available on the App Store

2016 has hit the ground running, with Pale Blue Dot Games the first studio out the gate to release a game for the year. Leaping onto the app store we have Lumber Larry, a fast-paced game about a lumberjack fleeing from various falling debris.

Lumber Larry is a family friendly game about environmental misadventure that supports charity and education.

You play as Larry the Lumberjack as he barrels his way down mountains and charges across forests escaping an avalanche that threatens his very being! You must duck, roll and speed out of the way of the obstacles in your path and help Larry survive his unfortunate situation.

Lumber Larry is out now for free, so race on down to the App Store to check out the misadventures of this colourful cartoony lumberjack.

Fringe Festival features Fart Surfer

A Cartoon Surfer and the 1984 Games Logo

Some games are emotional, some are thoughtful, others still are educational. However sometimes it’s just fun to play a game that’s downright silly. On that note Fart Surfer, the first game by local studio 1984 Games, will be rocketing onto the big screen at the Perth Cultural Centre as part of the Fringe World Festival.

It is the 21st Century, and Global Warming has caused a tidal wave that is destroying the Earth! A fart with the power of a rocket is the only thing that will save Bazza the Bogan Surfer from death by wipeout! Dodge dolphins, trees, dunnys and debris to stay on the wave; power up with baked beans, and play the game on the big screen – only at Fringe!

What: Fart Surfer on the Big Screen
When: 8.30pm -11.30pm, Saturday 30 January 2016
Where: Perth Cultural Centre, Corner of James ST & Lake Street, Northbridge
Tickets: Free!

For all the details on Fart Surfer, and other special events, head on over to the Fringe World Festival website.

A Sound Idea: 10 Minute Survey

ECU Logo + Text: A Sound Idea

Games let us experience amazing stories, entertaining adventures, and interesting challenges, but many people can be locked out of the fun because of a game’s design choices. The accessibility of a game, that is whether it has been design to allow for people with a disability to play it, can make or break a play experience for gamers who have disabilities.

At Edith Cowan University, a PhD study is currently investigating the use of subtitles and closed captioning in video games and are seeking participants to assist by filling in a 10 minute online survey. You don’t have to be Deaf, hearing-impaired or have hearing loss to take part – the more people who fill in the survey, the better!

A Sound Idea: An Investigation into New Serious Games Accessibility Guidelines for Children with a Hearing Loss

The purpose of this project is  identify your views and opinions of subtitles and closed captioning in video games. This research is an essential component in the development of new video game accessibility guidelines, to aid developers in creating games suitable for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

To help out and fill in the survey, simply click right here. For more information on the ‘A Sound Idea’ study, check out the Informed Letter to Participants from Edith Cowan University.

Nekograms at the Internet Cat Video Fest

Text: Nekograms. Play the game at the Internet Cat Video Festival 2016.

This weekend Perth is readying for the second annual Internet Cat Video Festival, which is set to feature 65 minutes of internationally curated clips of cute cats. You can also look forward to performances, dress-ups and best of all, a kitty-focused local game.

Nekograms is a pleasant puzzle game in development by local studio Hungry Sky, which tasks you with helping an assortment of adorable cats get to sleep. If you missed the chance to get your paws on it at the Perth Games Festival, then this is the purrfect opportunity to playtest it! (sorry, we couldn’t resist)

What: Nekograms at the Internet Cat Video Festival
When: 5pm-8pm, Saturday 16 January 2016
Where: Northbridge Piazza, cnr Lake ST & James ST Northbridge
Tickets: Free!

You an head on over to the Internet Cat Video Festival Facebook page to stay up to date on all the details for the event. Nekograms are also on Facebook and Twitter, if you need a regular dose of cute cats to keep you going.