Virtual World


An exploration into the human psyche and the possibilities of harnessing a shared global imagination, seeks to blur the borders between  gaming and art on a dramatic scale. is a realtime web-based interactive novel written by its users,  within the setting of an extremely detailed and dynamic virtual environment. Actions and dialogue  literally change the world, triggering rippling effects across the virtual attempts to impose as few constraints on its users imaginations as possible, doing away entirely with typical game mechanics such as levelling or hard coded quests, throwing the player headfirst down the metaphysical rabbit hole, to be reborn into into a world without limits that is spiralling rapidly out of control. All players are born into families descending directly from our beta testers, in a genetic battle for the most influential bloodline to go down in the pages of Reveries’ collaborative is restricted to an 18+ audience due to adult themes and unmoderated user content.


  • Website:
  • Developer(s): Avril Cox
  • Publisher(s): N/A (Independent)
  • Platform(s): Web browser
  • Release Date(s): TBA


Developed for Ruby on Rails by a single developer, assisted by a team of 100 contributors, ranging from professional biologists, authors, software testers to psychologists. A truly independent project, financed and developed in house.

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