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A Sound Idea: 10 Minute Survey

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Games let us experience amazing stories, entertaining adventures, and interesting challenges, but many people can be locked out of the fun because of a game’s design choices. The accessibility of a game, that is whether it has been design to allow for people with a disability to play it, can make or break a play experience for gamers who have disabilities.

At Edith Cowan University, a PhD study is currently investigating the use of subtitles and closed captioning in video games and are seeking participants to assist by filling in a 10 minute online survey. You don’t have to be Deaf, hearing-impaired or have hearing loss to take part – the more people who fill in the survey, the better!

A Sound Idea: An Investigation into New Serious Games Accessibility Guidelines for Children with a Hearing Loss

The purpose of this project is  identify your views and opinions of subtitles and closed captioning in video games. This research is an essential component in the development of new video game accessibility guidelines, to aid developers in creating games suitable for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

To help out and fill in the survey, simply click right here. For more information on the ‘A Sound Idea’ study, check out the Informed Letter to Participants from Edith Cowan University.

Murdoch Study Calls for Participants

Murdoch Study - A World of Choices

Games are great for many things, but is one of those changing the way people think about global issues? Over at Murdoch University, a PhD study is underway to investigate that very question. They are currently on the lookout for participants who would be keen to join a two hour workshop and play a game.

[Murdoch University] invites you to participate in a research study exploring whether playing a planet simulation game might influence perception of global environmental issues. This study is part of [a] PhD Degree in Environmental Science, supervised by Dr Catherine Baudains at Murdoch University

…If you are interested in playing games you can indicate if you would be willing to attend a workshop of up to two hours length. At the workshop selected participants will play a “choose your own adventure” style planet simulation game, playing a planet engineer who has to choose from different options to create a perfect world for a wealthy alien species.

Participation is voluntary, and folks are free to withdraw from the study at any time. If you’re interested in getting involved, head on over to Murdoch’s “A World of Choices” information and signup page.