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Take a moment to Make 4

Make 4, by Apex Mobile

Apex Creative are back again with MAKE 4, a new puzzle game for quick moments of colourful fun. Great for when you have a spare second to play while you wait, but be careful not to get too caught up in the action~

MAKE 4 is an action packed new arcade puzzle game. Different coloured balls fall from random positions at the top of the screen. Swipe the balls to swap their order, get 4 of the same colour in a row or column to destroy them. Try and keep the board as empty as possible, because when the balls reach the top, it’s game over!

This latest piece of puzzling goodness is available for free right now on Android.

Make4_ApexMobile_2 Make4_ApexMobile

Hexasmash 2 heads to Android


Say hello to Hexasmash 2, the latest puzzling piece of fun from Mandurah team Apex Creative (also known as errorsevendev). Adding a new twist to their shape-smashing title, this time your shooting skills and sharp mind are simultaneously put to the test!

Aim and shoot the balls at the hexagonal targets, using the dozens of awesome physics objects to clear a path or set up the perfect shot. See how many balls it takes you to smash all the targets! Destroy the blue hexagons to pass the level, and the green hexagons to unlock bonus levels.

Use your logical thinking skills to take advantage of the objects in each level. Portals, elevators, crates, bouncy blocks, launchers and more.

Get your hands on Hexasmash 2 for free now by heading over to Google Play. Be sure to check out the studio’s other games as well, including Volatives, Quadrant and Laserbreak 2.

Volatiles Explodes onto Android for Free

Volatiles - Explosive Slide Puzzle

Sliding onto the scene in a fiery blaze of colourful squares, Volatiles is the latest game from Mandurah-based studio Apex Creative (aka errorsevendev). This is the fourth title released by the diligent dev team this year, with a new style of puzzles to pique your interest and challenges to charm you.

Volatiles is a slide puzzle like no other. You have control of fire, TNT, wood and water tiles. You must destroy all rocks with TNT by sliding the tiles into position. Be careful – these tiles react with each other and one wrong move might ruin your game!

You can get tapping in Volatiles for free now by heading on over to Google Play. Be sure to check out the studio’s other games as well, including the likes of HexasmashQuadrant and Laserbreak 2.

Hexasmash crashes onto Mobile

Hexasmash Banner - Apex Creative

Local studio Apex Creative are smashing it in 2016, having recently released their third game for the year! Hexasmash is the latest in brain-straining puzzles from the team, following on from the likes of the chaotic Quadrant and the level-filled Laserbreak 2.

Hexasmash is an action packed, highly addictive and super fun game.
Swing the pendulum and release the wrecking ball with perfect timing to destroy the hexagonal jewels in as few moves as possible. Destroy the blue hexagons to pass the level, and the more difficult green hexagons to unlock bonus levels.

» Interested in taking a swing at Hexasmash? You can grab this free piece of puzzling fun right now on Android and iOS.

Quadrant out now f̶o̶u̶r̶ for Android

Quadrant Header

Are you the kind of person who can’t help but multitask? Have you nailed the art of using your phone while in a meeting, or perfected working on your laptop while watching TV? Well now is the time to test your skills, as Apex Creative‘s latest puzzle game Quadrant tasks you with switching back and forth between four screens to keep the game going.

Each quadrant represents a parallel dimension. Quickly select which quadrant you wish to exist in, to avoid the red obstacles.

You will start with 60 seconds on the clock. Tap to switch to one of four quadrants with perfect timing to avoid the red obstacles, and collect time extensions and extra points. If a red obstacle collides with you, it’s game over! If a green object makes contact with you, you gain extra time. Yellow or purple give you bonus points.

If you want to switch up your mobile gaming experience, jump on over to Google Play to get your hands on this simple but challenging game.

Laserbreak 2 beams onto Android for Free

Laserbreak 2 - Puzzle game by Apex Creative

Lasers – the mainstay tool for defense and offense that no evil genius can live without. If there’s anything that spy shows have taught us, it’s that you need to know your way around a laser beam in order to foil the plots of nefarious villains*. Thankfully LaserBreak 2, the latest game by Apex Creative, is here to ensure your brain is ready for any and every type of laser-centric puzzle you may come across in the world.

The much anticipated sequel to the very popular Laserbreak – the highly addictive and original puzzler that has hooked millions of players worldwide.

Control your laser and use various physics objects to collect the coins and destroy the targets. You’ll have to use your brain power, forward thinking and creativity to solve the challenging, action packed puzzles.

So if you’re ready to up laser-evading skills, you can grab Laserbreak 2 now for free on Android (and coming soon to iOS)!

*Note: Alternatively, if you are a nefarious villain this game may in fact provide you with ideas on how to defeat your arch nemesis by means of lasers. Just make sure those do-gooders don’t play it first!

WA Released Games!

Image: A collage of screenshots of West Australian made games.

Image: A collage of screenshots of West Australian made games.

This section contains games released by West Australian developers, including (but not limited to) games for PC, Console, Mobile & Tablet, Browser, Arcade Machines, VR, plus Tabletop and Pervasive games!

If you have released a game, we want to hear from you (this is no time for imposter syndrome people!). If you are intending to release a game in the future, keep in touch; we are always interested in sharing news on upcoming titles and betas. A separate gamejam list is also planned for the future.

If you would like to add/update a listing, or have an upcoming game you want to share with the world, please let know!

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  • Perth Racer (Browser) by eZone & Binary Culture
  • Spinfast Cricket (iOS) by Spinfast




  • Cellblock Squadrons (PC) by Super Furious Software



  • Ancient Evil: Curse of the Snake Cult (PC) by Silver Lightning Software/ Paul Turbett


  • Ancient Evil (PC) by Silver Lightning Software/ Paul Turbett
  • Star Fighter: D’Yammen’s Reign (PC) by GeoSync Media / Andrew Hawkins


  • Rally Challenge (PC) by Silver Lightning Software/ Paul Turbett


  • Trial By Magic (PC) by Silver Lightning Software/ Paul Turbett


  • Starfire (PC) by Silver Lightning Software/ Paul Turbett


  • Master of Icons (PC) by Glen Spoors


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