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Puzzle game Baboo! hits Android for free in a shower of rainbows 🌈

Baboo!, by Super Cookie Games
Super Cookie Games are at it again, having created another colourful game all about keeping you entertained. Following on from the release of OMG Dancer! and Thug Racer, we have Baboo!, a bright puzzle game featuring adorable animals.

Baboo by Super Cookie GamesThe cute Baboos need your help! Can you complete as many rainbow lines as possible?! Baboo! is a fun and challenging yet simple puzzle game, great for brain training!

The idea is simple, complete lines left-and-right or up-and-down to score high and watch out not to fill up the screen!

So if you’re keen to try your hand at managing a menagerie of chipper little animals, head on over to the Android page now and grab it for free!

Hexagon Hero hits mobile, while Space Pig Galaxy still orbiting for free!

Hexagon Hero

Rotate a hexagon, match a colour. It may sounds simple, but Mad Bot Interactive have used a combination of bright colours and quick reflexes to make Hexagon Hero an addictive little game that you won’t want to put down. The game also has a colour-blind mode, so that the charming six-sided shape can woo even more people with its tapping and twisting.

Capture the little falling hexagons by rotate the big hexagon until the colours match. The difficulty is increased to the point where making a single mistake will cost your the game!

Hexagon Hero is the studio’s second title, the first of which was Space Pig Galaxy which launched earlier this year. While the space-exploring swine (also known as Kevin) thought he could shoot past our radar undetected, we caught up with him so here’s the latest intel…

Space Pig Galaxy, by Mad Bot Interactive

SOMEHOW top secret government space hat technology got into the hands of KEVIN. Now, this once earth bound piece of BACON is free to explore infinite space! …just watch out for the METEORS ! ! !

Hexagon Heroes is available now for Android and iOS for FREE; similarly, the dastardly Kevin can be found floating through the Android and iOS stores in Space Pig Galaxy, no doubt up to mischief.

Bellus Mortem blasts onto Greenlight and Kickstarter



What good is a wizard afraid of wands? Well if you ask the team at Rhabdophobic Wizards, they’ll say you can still pack some serious punch. In their premier title Bellus Mortem, you enter the battle arena as a spellcasting cat-like wizard intent on blowing your opponents away. Now the feline foes are hitting Greenlight and Kickstarter to put you under their spell and make the game a reality.

Bellus Mortem is a 4 player, top down action game where each player is trying to knock others out of the arena by casting spells. Players can select 4 spells per game. Cast your ultimate ability to gain the upper hand. Last player alive in the arena is crowned the winner.

So use your powers for good, and head on over to the Bellus Mortem Greenlight to give them a vote, and check out the Kickstarter if you’re keen to help this game of wizard warfare come to life!


Local testers wanted for Star Hammer VP iPad Beta, plus Manta Update details!


There’s still time to sign up to defend the planet Novus, in the iPad beta for Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy. Diligently working away, the star gazers at Black Lab Games have not only released a massive update recently on Steam, they’ve also created a handy sign up form for their iPad beta.

First up, the Manta update for Star Hammer on Steam sees new four new skirmish maps, a skirmish highscore feature, tons of visual updates and balancing, and of course a brand new ship…

Sometimes you just need to zero the hostiles completely; demolition, destruction, absolute tactical oblivion. That’s where the brand new Manta-class light cruiser comes in.
Four dedicated missile launch bays means the Manta can ruin your opponent’s day like nothing else in the fleet. Either let the guided payloads find four different targets, or focus fire on a single mark for scorched earth tactics.

As for the iPad beta, they have simplified the process of getting out into space with a simple online sign up form. The studio are particularly interested in sourcing local (Perth) testers; this is a great opportunity for students looking to get some testing expeience, not to mention a fun way to get your hands on the game before it hits the Perth Games Festival.

So if you reckon the Coalition can count on you to fight the onslaught of enemy space squids, now is the time to put your hand up and join Valeron’s crew in saving Novus!



Disclaimer: In the interest of transparency, please note that the author of this article is associated with this games project.

More Super Sponsors supporting the Perth Games Festival

Perth Games Festival 2015 Logo

At last we have reached November, and we at Let’s Make Games have begun counting down to the Perth Games Festival. Since our previous update some more great companies have stepped in to help make this year’s event even bigger and better than ever. So let us introduce you to these wonderful people…

Thank you to our latest sponsors!

Game City Pixel Logo

Game City is one of Perth’s best gaming and geek culture hangouts. Located right next to Perth’s Underground Train Station, Game City is a place where you can stop off for some quality food and coffee, or get some solid gaming time. In addition to having a cafe and arcade, Game City regularly features locally made games, and hosts events such as competitions, screenings, and launch parties.

Sponsor: Hungry Sky

Hungry Sky. The name says it all!

Actually, we’re not sure that the name says anything. Maybe it’s meant to convey that feeling you get when you look up at the sky and feel the enormous uplifting weight of possibilities driving you to try new things and explore the open blue sky. Maybe it’s just a phrase created by an online name generator that happened to correspond to: an available domain name, twitter handle, and facebook page. As the saying goes: “¿por qué no los dos?”

Whatever the name means, Hungry Sky is a multi-award winning local creative studio with a close relationship with Let’s Make Games Inc. (one of those supportive and nurturing relationships that we all deserve). We’re proud to see what Let’s Make Games Inc. has grown into since 2009, and even prouder to be supporting it’s second Perth Games Festival. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Sponsor: AIE

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is Australia’s most awarded 3D animation, game design and visual FX educator. Created as a non-profit organisation to grow the creative digital sector, AIE pioneered the development of specialist game qualifications. AIE offers vocational training in Computer Game Development (Animation and Programming) and 3D animation for Screen, supporting the Australian digital creative industries, which continues to grow faster than any other entertainment or content sector. AIE has campuses located in Located in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Seattle, Lafayette and Online.

AIE is launching a new campus in Perth in 2016 and has already started supporting the local community by recently running School Holiday Courses in Subiaco for aspiring young game designers and animators. We aim to continue running similar events up until the opening of our campus. This is our first year supporting The Perth Games Festival, and AIE are really enthused to be involved in the local game development in WA! We look forward to meeting you!

Surprise Attack

Surprise Attack Consulting is a games and technology specialist PR and marketing agency, led by industry veterans and staffed exclusively by gamers and technology enthusiasts. They work with video game publishers and technology companies to promote their products and services in the Australian and New Zealand markets. If you want to reach the gamer audience with your brand or product then Surprise Attack would love to talk to you too.


♥ And once again, THANK YOU to our first set of sponsors Autodesk, City of Perth, Binary Space and Sentient Computing!  ♥

Autodesk logo   The City of Perth
      Binary Space SentientLogo_400
And of course if you would like to stay up-to-date on further announcements on guests and exhibitors at the Perth Games Festival, keep an eye here on the blog, or follow the event on Facebook!

Thug Racer and OMG Dancer out now!

Once again it seems there were some locally-made games that slipped under our radar, but thanks to a tip off the long arm of the law has caught up with them. So without further ado, say hello to WA’s newest game dev resident, Super Cookie Games. Since arriving in our fair city, this studio has released two new titles Thug Racer and OMG Dancer!


Thug Racer - Mobile Game

An epic mobile interpretation of an arcade classic…

Outrun other cars on your way to any one of the five goal lines to be considered a winner. And the decision is yours as to which track you’ll travel. However, watch out for speed traps along the way – the police are there to do their job and you are not going to make their life easy!

Now start your engine, grip your mobile and get the head start in the fastest race ever to reach your mobile.

Thug Racer is available now on Android, iOS and Kindle. You can also find it on Ouya and Android TV!

OMG Dancer - Mobile Game

OMG Dancer is the new awesome music game that will take the world by storm! Make your character dance to the beat of your favourite tunes by tapping the right body parts!

Connecting straight to your music library, this game is a fun rhythm title that lets you customise the colourful dancing characters so that you can watch your friends, family and even pets dance away.

You can get your hands on OMG Dance on both Android and iOS right now.


So be sure to welcome Super Cookie Games to the wonderful game dev community we have going on in Western Australian. These folk also have a number of other games up their sleeves, so why not also check out the rest of their collection!