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The Games In Progress Forum

It’s that special time of year, where we announce our May event!

The Games In Progress Forum

It’s time to talk games! Specifically, let’s talk about the games we’re working on; the problems that have us stumped, and the discoveries that have made us leap from our workstations. There will be two keynote presentations from Brad Power (RocketHands) and Aranda Morrison (Gnomic Studios) about their works in progress, plus we’ll be looking for more mini-presentations from the community! For more information, see details below.

Due to the limited seats at the venue, this event is ticketed (but still free). Please make sure to register at Eventbrite to secure your position!

When: Wednesday 22nd May, 6:30pm (first presentation starts at 7pm)
Where: QANTM, SAE College, 3-5 Bennet Street, East Perth
Entry: Free!
Tickets: At Eventbrite.
Facebook?: Facebook!

So get your ticket, bring your games in progress, and come see what other Perth game developers are working on.

Looking for speakers

We’ve got six five-minute slots for developers to give a quick demonstration and/or presentation of their current works in progress. We’re looking for demos from all levels of experiences, from students to professional. If you have something you’ve been working on that you’d like to show off, please send an email to with details about your project.

Networking and problem solving

Part of this event’s purpose is to help developers find other collaborators to help fill the holes in their game project. To this end, we’ll have some networking games and job boards available to help you find that perfect artist, coder, designer or audio engineer for your game. If your looking for like-minded collaborators to work with, or projects to bring your specialised skills to, this will be the place to find them.

Learning about games

Two bits of local game development news for your eyeboxes today!

Tickets available for pervasive games workshop

Registration is currently open for an exciting workshop by Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie from Atmosphere Industries on pervasive and urban games at Spacecubed.

The two day workshop is aimed at non-profits, community groups, educators and anyone else wanting to make social change, and will teach the participants how to design and implement community games that utilise physical public spaces.

For more details and ticket registration, you can visit the event registration page.

Games education survey

PIGMI community member Jon Hayward is currently running a survey about online game development education. For people interested in taking the survey, you can find it here.

Freedom Fall Beta released on Desura

Freedom Fall Beta released on Desura

This morning, the paid beta for Freedom Fall was released on Desura.

Stirfire Studios has had the game in development for over a year, and they’re nearing full-feature release of the game soon.

Freedom Fall is also currently on Steam Greenlight, the popular crowd-sourced voting platform.

Fallout: Lanius to premiere at PAX Australia

Perth-made Fallout fan film at PAX Australia

Fallout: Lanius, the Perth-made fan film of the popular post-apocalyptic game franchise, Fallout, will be premiering at PAX Australia later this year. If you’re going to be at the convention, you might be interested in these details from the press release from yesterday’s announcement:

The screening will take place on the 20 th of July at the Dropbear Theatre at 9pm. Director Wade K. Savage and Producer Stuart Mackenzie will then hold a Q&A about the film.

Congratulations to Wade and the team, we’re looking forward to seeing the film!

Spacecubed showing Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie at Spacecubed

Our friends over at Spacecubed are hosting a movie night next Friday! They’re bringing the couches, popcorn and Indie Game: The Movie – all you need to bring is yourself.

The screening starts at 6pm on Friday 19th, and is free for Spacecubed members, $10 for non-members. For more details, see their announcement post or ticketing.

Freedom Fall on Steam Greenlight

Freedom Fall seeking votes on Steam Greenlight

Stirfire Studios have announced their freefalling platformer, Freedom Fall, is now up on Steam’s Greenlight platform.

Best of luck to Lisa and the team at Stirfire, we hope to see plenty of upvotes and comments on the Freedom Fall page!

Call-out for game exhibit, The Lulus, and funding ninjas!

Pause Festival looking for developers for game showcase

Pause Festival is coming to Perth later this month for City of Perth’s Innovation Month, and they’re looking to make a public exhibit of locally produced games.

Andrew Hawkins from DrewFX is kindly rounding up the exhibition line-up, so if you are interested in showcasing at Pause Fest, please contact him directly or respond to the appropriate mail thread at PIGMI.

The Lulus release debut iOS game

Children’s entertainment group The Lulus have released their debut iOS game, The Lulus Memory Match.

The game is an educational app designed and developed in Perth, for Australian children aged 2 – 7. You can find the game on the Apple App Store.

Surprise Attack launches new discount rates

For those of you who took our Indie Game Marketing Workshop last year, you’ll remember Chris from Surprise Attack. He just let us know on our Facebook page that Surprise Attack is now offering a discount on all work they do for game developers in advising with funding applications.

All applications to Screen Australia’s new games fund are eligible, and with the Enterprise and Production funding deadlines closing in (April 22nd and July 12th, respectively), this has come in at a good time!

If you’re looking to make an application to Screen Australia, and would like some help from folks with experience in the field, you can find more information on the Surprise Attack website.


Square Off on Ouya, and Pozible coming to Perth

Here’s some news to make your public holiday even better! (No April Fools, promise.)

Square Off available on Ouya launch

Gnomic Studios announced on their Twitter account yesterday that their Windows 8 and Xbox Live hit, Square Off, will be available on the Ouya Shop at launch.

Congratulations to the team at Gnomic for being amongst the first developers to release for the Ouya console world-wide!

Let’s Talk Crowdfunding Perth

Pozible are bringing their crowdfunding touring information session to Perth at the end of April. The first session on Monday 29th at Technology Park, Bentley still has spaces available.

This is a great opportunity for developers and artists interested in crowdfunding to hear from Pozible co-founder Rick Chen, and some successful project managers on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Tickets are free, and more information can be found at the event’s Eventbrite booking page.