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Microsoft Imagine Cup sponsors Perth GGJ 2012!

We’re pretty excited to welcome the Microsoft Imagine Cup as a premium sponsor of this year’s Perth Global Game Jam.

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012The team at Microsoft Australia were incredibly keen to come on board as a sponsor, and we appreciate their support of the WA game development community. They join the awesome GGJ sponsorship line-up with ECU School of Communications and Arts, Immersive Technologies, The Sound Librarian, Scirra and Marco’s Pizza, whose support will help us host what is promising to be the largest Perth game jam to date!


LMG GGJ 2012

Jamtastic! Yeah, you heard me.

If you have not yet registered for Global Game Jam 2012 in Perth there is still time. We have finalised the internet arrangements so you will have to BYO internet, but we still have a few physical spots left in the room. Go to the GGJ site to register while you still can.

What to bring

  • Computer(s)/laptop(s)
  • Art tools
  • Software tools and APIs
  • Snack food and drinks (water!) [limited snacks provided]
  • 1% Inspiration 99% Perspiration
  • Personal hygiene products


Friday 27th

  • 6pm sharp – be there!
  • 6:30pm – introduction, announcements, team forming, internet access setup
  • 7pm – start jamming

Saturday 28th

  • Continue jamming

Sunday 29th

  • 5:59pm – pencils down
  • 6pm – presentations
  • 7pm – clean up and pack up
  • 8pm – exit the building


The theme will be revealed by video during the announcements. Have all of your software tools ready as internet may be somewhat restricted due to the venue’s filtering policies. Finally, don’t forget to read the GGJ site for specific rules.


Free after 5:30pm on Friday for attendees, and for the entire weekend. Park in bays marked: staff, students or visitors.


Some snacks will be provided, including fruit.

We will do food runs at approximate meal times so please bring money if you want to participate. We will announce these with our voices!

There are also vending machine snacks and coffee available nearby.


For those who have signed up here is the VPN information. You will be provided with a username and password when you arrive.


GGJ Pizza and Internets

Thanks to Marco’s Organic Pizza we will have their award winning pizza at Perth’s 2012 Global Game Jam! Mmmmm delicious! That brings our total sponsor list to ECU School of Communications and Arts, Immersive Technologies, The Sound Librarian, Scirra and Marco’s Pizza.

This is the last call out for internet access at GGJ. Remember to include your first name and last name when you register. Currently we’re sitting at 36 jammers with just under 2 weeks to go. Exciting!

Broadband Arts Initiative

Australia Council are currently looking for proposals for innovative arts projects which could utilise the National Broadband Network.

From the Australia Council website:

With the Broadband Arts Initiative, the Australia Council for the Arts will support innovative arts projects that utilise next generation high-capacity broadband enabled by the NBN.

This initiative is part of the Australia Council’s strategic priority to assist the arts sector build skills to maximise the benefits of the NBN, and support the creation of work enabled by and accessed through high-capacity broadband.

For more info, head over to the Australia Council website.

Jungool 1.2 update

The guys from Headsoft have let us know that the Jungool 1.2 update has been released, and have given us some copies to give out to five lucky iPhone-enabled LMG friends!

Be one of the first of five people to email us at competition AT letsmakegames DOT org to win a copy of Jungool of your very own. Go on, your iPhone deserves it.


More Global Game Jam Sponsors


We’re happy to announce additional sponsors for Perth’s Global Game Jam 2012.

Stephan Schütze has generously put forward a copy of his Foundation sound library. It contains over 20GB of sound effects and will be accessible to attendees during the event so your game doesn’t have to be played from the confines of a silent sound bubble. A copy of this sound library is up for grabs and will be awarded to the game with best sound at the event.

Scirra have donated two business edition licenses for Construct 2 as prizes which will also be awarded at the event. If you’re curious to find out some of Construct 2’s magic, try out their free edition.

Currently we have 23 registrations and if you would like to attend and have internet access please register by the end of this week.

GDC 2012 Discussion

There’s been some discussion on the PIGMI mailing list about attendance for this year’s GDC and the possibility of group discounts on flights. If you’re interested head over and add your voice to the mix.

Global Game Jam 2011 trailer

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the local developer interviews (recorded at our end-of-year party last year) that we’ve been releasing over the holiday period.

Keen local game developers will already know that our next event is a Perth site for Global Game Jam later this month (27-29 January). We currently have 21 registered game jammers (wow!) and are expecting a whole bunch more. If you haven’t yet signed up, you can do so on the Global Game Jam website.

Speaking of Global Game Jam, the official website has recently been updated with a trailer for the event (check out the link for more information on the speaker lineup!):

Global Game Jam 2012 Trailer from Adam Barenblat on Vimeo.

Developer Interview: David Keep